Hungarian Table Tennis Open
Eger, Hungary 7-11 March 2013

151 players from 23 countries took part in this competition. The majority of players were young and comprised 40 new players. Romania was represented by Dacian Makszin, Petru Ifrosa, Florentina Hriscu ).

In the singles all Romanian players advanced easily to the semi finals apart from Petru Ifrosa, who was not lucky in the draw and was put in a group of two top players who went on to win gold and silver at both single and team events.  Dacian and Florentina won a bronze medal in the singles.

In the team event Dacian and  Petrui had partners from the Israel team while Gabriela and Florentina played together in the female teams class 6-10. Finally Dacian won gold in the team class 3, Petru  silver in class 4. The girls, though playing well, did not reach the semi-finals.

This was a Factor 20 tournament and under the new rating system it is obvious that these tournaments will quickly become specific tournaments for new and unclassified players. Next year I suggest we also take young and new players to this tournament. 


10th Slovenian International Open
Lasko, 7-12 May 2013


  275 players from 40 countries took part in this competition and this was a very high standard
Factor 40 tournament. It was obvious the top players from every class had come and it represented a world class competition. Romania was represented by Dacian Makszin, Petru Ifrosa, Florentina Hriscu (CCSH Lamont), Gabriela Constantin (OK Bucuresti). In the singles

 none of the Romanian players advanced to the semi-finals

In the team event Dacian and Petru, had partners from the Israel team while Gabriela partnered Anne Barneoud from France and Florentina had a partner from the Netherlands.
Petru had an unlucky draw again as in his group he had the teams that won gold and silver respectively.  Florentina won one match out of her four matches and shows potential but requires more experience and belief in herself. Gabita went on to the semi-finals and lost both matches but the matches were very close and winning the bronze medal did not reflect her overall improvement. Dacian and his partner Liran Geva from Israel beat the top teams Austria, Ukraine, Hong Kong/Austria to reach the final of the team event, meeting a combined team of Sweden/Jordan. The match was superb, every set being won by only advantage but finally the Sweden/Jordan team won 3-2 and Dacian and his partner had to settle for the silver medal.  These results were the best ever obtained in a 40 Factor tournament and demonstrates that at least Dacian and Gabita have the talent to go all the way to the top.


National Championships of Table Tennis







Class  4 female

1.       Dorina Vargatu - Maraton ’93 Lugoj

2.       abriela Muresan – Lamont Cluj

Class 7 + 8 female

1.       Gabriela Constantin–OK Bucuresti

2.       Florentina Hriscu – Lamont Cluj

3.       Liliana Orbocea – OK Bucuresti

Class 10 female

1.       Ioana Tepelea– OK Bucuresti

2.       Teodora Preda – OK Bucuresti

3.       Delia Miron– Lamont Cluj

Class 3 male

1.       Dacian Makszin – Lamont Cluj

2.       Ioan Dirlea– Maraton ’93 Lugoj

3.       Giani  Preda– Lamont Cluj

Class 4 + 5 male

1.       Petru Ifrosa– Lamont Cluj

2.       Emil Gama – Maraton ’93 Lugoj

3.       Simion Popa - Temerarii Arad

Class 8 male

1.       Dorel Muresan – Lamont Cluj

2.       Mihai Miron– Lamont Cluj

3.       Nelu Bobosila – OK Bucuresti

Class 9 + 10 male

1.       Liviu Opris – OK Bucuresti

2.       Laszlo Kolozsi– Lamont Cluj

3.       Razvan Balan – Lamont Cluj


Class 11 male + female

1.       Zoltan Szoverdi – Lamont Cluj

2.       Armis Matei – Lamont Cluj

3.       Alexandru Pasc – Lamont Cluj

4.       Daniel Codarcea – Lamont Cluj

5.       Raissa Mocean– Lamont Cluj

6.       Ioan Martis – Lamont Cluj



Class 8 – 10 female

1.       Gabriela Constantin + Florentina Hriscu = Ok Bucuresti+LamontCluj

2.       Ioana Tepelea + Teodora Preda = OK Bucuresti

3.       Delia Miron+Liliana Orbocea = Lamont Cluj + Ok Bucuresti


Class 3 – 5 male

1.       Dacian Makszin+ Petru Ifrosa= Lamont Cluj

2.       Ioan Dirlea + Mihail Egri = Maraton’93 Lugoj+Lamont Cluj

3.       Emil Gama + Alexander Peev = Maraton ’93 Lugoj

Class 8 male

1.       Dorel  Muresan+ Alyn Nicolae = Lamont Cluj + Siraly Odorhei

2.       Nelu Bobosila + Gabriel Niculescu= OK Bucuresti

3.       Sandor Deak + Gavrila Nasui = Siraly Odorhei + Lamont Cluj

 Class 9 + 10 male

1.       Liviu Opris+ Razvan Balan = OK Bucuresti + Lamont Cluj

2.       Alexandru Bordea + Mihai Miron = OK Bucuresti + Lamont Cluj

                  3.       Laszlo Kolozsi + Robert Otvos = Lamont Cluj


European Paralympic Table Tennis Championships

27 September – 5 October 2013

Lignano, Italy


290 European players from 28 countries took part in the Table Tennis European Championships in Lignano, Italy. The Lamont Centre was represented by: Dacian Makszin and Petru Ifrosa (Lamont, Cluj) and Anca Chereches as their trainer. The first day of play was the 28th: Petru was drawn against P. Mihalik (Slovakia) and lost 0-3. Dacian played against T. Schmidberger (Germany – no. 2 in world) and lost 0-3. In the afternoon Petru played against M. Homa (Serbia) and won 3-2. Petru played his final match in the group with the Polish player K.Zylka and lost after a very close match 2-3. Dacian played against the Russian A. Korovin and won 3-1 moving into the final 8 of his class. On the final day of singles in the European Championships in the final eight in their respective classes, Dacian, though playing well, lost his match to the German  D. Bruchle 0-3.


The Romanian Paralympic team had its best results ever in the 2013 European Championships with Dacian Makszin achieving 5th place.