Protected Workshop

The Lamont Protected Workshop was initiated in February 2012. The activity of a protected workshop is according to the regulations established with Law 448/2006. It permits a self financing opportunity within our NGO in order to support the practice and performance of paralympic athletes as well as offering a workplace for people with physical disabilities. All profits from this workshop are used exclusively, according to our statute, for our sport programme and for our young members. 

The motives presented below demonstrate the mutual benefits of becoming a partner in our  Protected Workshop.

1. Your firm can save money by using this method of purchasing by acquisitioning products from us or from our services and at the same time assure that your money is used to assist people with disabilities rather than just go into the melting pot of the state budget.

2. Your firm can increase awareness of corporate social responsibility and contribute to the promotion of performance sport for people with physical disabilities.

For us, your partnership with our Protected Workshop represents a chance to employ more young physically disabled people and to demonstrate their potential ability. We want to promote paralympic sport and if in 2012 we had 2 athletes who represented Romania in London, we expect to double that number…and more for Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Conclusion: It is not efficient to pay monthly taxes because you do not have employees with disabilities where instead you can use that percentage to buy your products through us or our services.  All of us are going through financial constraints just now and this is exactly the motive for everyone to optimize their human resources to assist the disadvantaged.


Contact: Elisabeta Vuscan
Tel: +40 264 460 105
Mobile: +40 749 050 317