Welcome to The Lamont Centre, Cluj-Napoca Romania

The Lamont Centre offers programmes developed to involve youth (14+) and adults with physical and visual disabilities in paralympic sport, regardless of skill level. For those with talent to reach high performance, training and support are offered, carefully matched to individual requirements, in order for the athletes to maximise their performance. Currently we have members practising the following sports: futsal, goalbal, judo, swimming (all visually impaired); athletics, table tennis, wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis. Many of these members compete in international tournaments. Three Lamont Centre members qualified for the London Paralympics in 2012: we are hoping to increase that number greatly in 2016 for the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics.

Paralympic sport in Romania is only now beginning to receive the attention it deserves. It represents an aim, a challenge, motivation and a means of social integration as well as improving health issues such as reflexes, body strength and concentration. Sport is educational, teaching confidence, fair play, teamwork and team spirit and increases willpower and ambition. It can help to change your life completely, especially after an accident or illness which leaves you in a wheelchair. The majority of our members are in further education or employed, demonstrating that sport is an essential tool for integration.

For appointments please telephone us at 0745 610 739 (Petru Ifrosa) or 0755 286 672 (Giani Preda)

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